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Great Green Gardening Miracle Fruit Farm

Taichung County Certification for Outstanding Tourism Shops 2005;
Cooperation with Chung Hsing University, Hungkuang University and Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology;
Most Satisfactory Consumer Products Award 2004;
Reported widely by TV stations, periodicals, news papers and websites in Taiwan;

Mr. Chang Sun bin, founder of Great Green Gardening once engaged in plastic processing. However, with the tremendous transformation of the industrial structure, the plastic products industry has under gone a structural transformation, with many traditional industries faced with the decision of adjusting investment from both upstream and downstream. The founder was subtle to this transformation, and visited different places to absorb new information and find new business opportunities. By chance, he found another chance in his life—the “miracle fruit”.

At the beginning, he was brave enough to buy 20 miracle fruit trees at an expense more than NTD 600,000. Cherishing as if he had found out treasures, he endeavored to cultivate these miracle plants from African forests. After 3 to 4 years of hard works and patient, he finally saw his miracle fruit blossom out and produce tiny fruits. He was cheered up when he saw the fruit grows bigger and bigger and from green to red.

We hope to win favor and confidence of our customers with quality improvement, product development and trademark establishment. Thus we established cooperation with Chung Hsing University and Hungkuang University. The instructions of Dr. Yang, Zhongqiu in soil fertilizers and cultivation technologies have made our miracle fruit grows better and better. Equipments enhanced and area expanded in the farm. And the fruit production period and production volume is in stable growth. Dr. Ou, Shaomei and Lin, Shengdun also engaged in research and development of fresh-keeping and application technologies of miracle fruits. New products like miracle fruit ice block, ice cream and miracle fruit block etc., making the market for miracle fruit deeper and wider.

Under our great efforts, the miracle fruit became not only a fruit tree but also a tree can make landscapes. It’s a tree can be used for household pot plant; it’s a tree can bring to you tropical fruit grows in your home; it’s a tree of miracle that have great influences on the development of the gardening industry; it’s a tree of hope that can lead the way of traditional agriculture towards bio-technological industry. Its miracle fruit can bring to people pleasant surprise, change their food habit and enhance their health. For this fruit we call “magician of tastes”.

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Address:No.259, Sec. 1, Minsheng Rd., Tianwei Township, Changhua County 52250, Taiwan
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Address:No.259, Sec. 1, Minsheng Rd., Tianwei Township, Changhua County 52250, Taiwan