Miracle fruit ice

Miracle fruit ice: Because many people like to eat ice, but afraid of excessive calorie and fat intake. In this case, we have created this unique miracle fruit ice by integrating the miracle fruit with lemon, which is of low calorie and better tastes. “One ice block, two tastes, unique flavor, no where else”: we use the taste-changing function of miracle fruit to make miracle fruit ice block without any sugar add-ins. People need to control sugar intake can enjoy it without any worry. Ice block made of original lemon juice with water can stop thirsty, cure heatstroke, and you will always ask for more. The ice block adds no sugar or fat, with less than 10 kilocalories each, thus any one need calorie intake control can feel free to enjoy the chilly and sweet pleasure of the ice, without any worry about excessive sugar and calorie. We use original lemon juice without add-in any flavoring essence or chemical material. It is undoubtedly your best choice for beauty care and health care. We presently provide two flavors of miracle fruit ice: lemon and assorted fruit.