What is Miracle Fruit ?
A tropical fruit that can give your tastes a change.
Brilliantly red fruit, make sour lemon even sweeter than tangerine;You can eat enjoy your sour fruits with ease, without any need to endure the sourness or burden your body with excessive sugar contents.


How do miracle fruit change your tastes?

Miracle fruit contains a ferment called “glycoprotein” or “Miraculin”, which can change your sense of taste. After eating the miracle fruit, the miracle fruit essence will be distributed on the taste cell membranes of your tongue. When you eat sour food, the structure of the taste cell membranes will change, and you will feel sweet. The miracle fruit essence will remain on your tongue for more than 2 hours. During which, all sour food will be tasted pleasantly sweet for you. The taste transformation function of the miracle fruit is actually a physical and natural reaction which is absolutely safe for daily food usages.


How to eat?

Remove the pedicel of the red fruit and put the whole fruit in your mouth. Then break the seedcase gently, chew the fruit slowly letting the pulp roll sufficiently in your mouth making the juice infiltrate in your taste cell membranes and intine cells of your mouth. Take the seeds out after swallowing all pulps. The miracle of the fruit will bring into play immediately, making all sour fruit (like lemon, tomato and other sour fruits) pleasantly sweetly in your mouth and lemon eaten has a taste of tangerine. The miracle effect will remain for 30 to 200 minutes.


How to cultivate?

Because miracle fruit is a plant originally grows in tropical forests, which likes to grow in high temperature and adequate humidity, thus, sufficient sunshine, temperature and moisture is essential. Keys for cultivation: sandy soil is best; good drainage, ventilation and sunshine; irrigate every day or every another day, with sufficient water; apply fertilizer every 3 months, slow effective composite fertilizer is preferable. Miracle fruit has 3 key features: evergreen, bearing fruit always, self-pollination. The most favorable temperature for its growth is 2032, with min. and max risk temperature at 3℃ and 40℃ respectively; the fruit grows best on acid soil (pH5~6).  


Applications & Development

Some scholars have always engaged in the research in the development and applications of miracle fruit and miracle fruit essence and produced the fruit into quality functional food. For example, they produced sweet food or flavoring agents without sugar contents (e.g. miracle fruit ice, miracle fruit block, yogurt) for the need of consumer need to improve their health quality and control the intake of sugar contents. Products thus produced are nutrition-supplying food without any side-effect. Thus miracle fruit is a economical plant with great potential.

Miracle fruit is a
n evergreen plant, which grows slowly, with beautiful shapes and red fruit, edible and landscaping-fitful. It can be used for pot plants or landscaping in your house or court. The leaves can be produced into teas to make your tea taste better or to cook tea eggs and to stew chicken, giving the eggs and chicken a new taste.